This I Believe Voice Threads

Mr. Dowless’s students recently completed This I Believe essays and recorded voice threads to share them with you. Check them out. Click “Comments” (above in blue); then, scroll down and click links.

We also want your feedback in two ways:
1. If you create a voice thread account, you can share your reaction to students’ essays by recording your comments.
2. If you listen to at least five, vote for your favorite by completing the ballot below. (Vote only once.)

25 Responses to “This I Believe Voice Threads”

  1. Aniya says:

    I Believe Mr. Dowless Will Pass Me!

  2. berry says:

    enemies of today friend of tomorrow

  3. Jenatia says:

    You should never lie, THis I believe

  4. Danielle says:

    The only person you can count on is yourself.

  5. Juwan says:

    I Believe That I Can Play FootBall

  6. kenisha says:

    Independence is our natural power

  7. tamarra says:

    i believe in my truth friends

  8. K Carlson says:

    Many were good, Power of music, joquiel, clayton, kiaia matt and ricardo too hard to choose