Geometry Project

Your geometry project presents a substantial challenge in the form of a complex research problem. Think of that problem as a puzzle. The research you conduct will provide you with the pieces you need to assemble your solution. You won’t find one piece of research that solves the whole puzzle for you, and you can’t just throw any old collection of pieces on the table and pretend it makes a pretty picture. So here are a couple suggestions:

  • Think for yourself.
  • Break your topic into pieces and research each of those pieces separately.
  • Ignore information that does not help you solve your problem.
  • Read for understanding. You will know you’ve got it if you can explain it to your partner.
  • Keep good records of your research.

Here’s a video that might help you think about researching your problem:

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And don’t forget, you must also create a bibliography page listing all the sources you used in MLA format. I like to use Watch this video for a brief demonstration of the site.

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Good luck with your project.

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