Learn 360

A big part of my training for this Instructional Coach job is technology-based. I can’t say any of the training sessions have made me an expert, but they have introduced me to some of the finer points of some pretty cool programs. A number of our teachers already use of range of software to aid their instruction. The trouble we often have as classroom teachers is finding time between attending IEP meetings, filling out PEPs, and grading stacks of papers to explore and implement these programs. I hope that’s where I can help.

Your needs
Would you like to be able to:

• Search a range of digital media related to your content area?
• Find SCOS goal-based videos and video clips?
• Easily embed video clips into PowerPoint presentations?
• Provide your students access to educational videos from A&E, National Geographic, and PBS through the internet?
• Post student-videos to the web?
• Create online quizzes you don’t even have to grade?
• Host a space for online discussion between your students?
• Create digital image slideshows?
• Post documents for students to download at home?

If you said yes to any of the questions above, let me help you get started with learn360, an outstanding program with a wide range of possibilities. If it means providing you a tool for improving instruction in your classroom, I’ll even do some of the labor for you. Let me know how I can help.

Other Tech Solutions
I also look forward to helping any of our teachers with:
• Study Island
• Smart Boards and Smart Notebook
• Mylearningplan.com
• NCWise and
• PowerPoint
As the semester progresses, I will receive training with CPS clicker systems and Exam View.

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